Committees of the Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan

The ZAK committees are the main platform for coordinating the position of members on areas of interest to them, discussing bills, building a dialogue with government agencies, as well as in general for the exchange of experience between members and partners of the ZAK on issues and problems of the green economy.

Any representative of a member of the ZAK can participate in the work of the ZAK committee that interests him. The flexibility of the rules of work of committees makes it possible to quickly discuss and make decisions in absentia (by email, WhatsApp, Zoom), if necessary, involving representatives of relevant government bodies and other organizations.

We are constantly trying to expand the range of committee activities and respond to the changing agenda in the country’s green economy.

Below is just a summary of our committees. You can obtain detailed information about the activities of a particular committee at committee meetings or by contacting the executive body of the ZAK.

Note to Members:

Each member of the Green Alliance can participate in no more than two committees.
Once elected as chairman of one committee, an alliance member cannot be elected chairman of another committee.
The members of each committee themselves select the head of the committee.

Committee on Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation
Committee on Renewable Energy, Energy and Resource Saving
Committee on Green Economy in the Private Sector
Committee on Green and Organic Agriculture and Water Affairs
Committee on Disposal and Recycling of Solid Waste
Committee for work with regions on environmental issues and problems
Committee on Environmental Safety of the Urban Environment, Public Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.
Committee on work with international organizations, fundraising, project coordination and green financing