Dear Entrepreneur,

Below are 4 test options for self-assessment of a company’s eco-certification status. You need to answer each question and based on the results, the system will automatically calculate the level of “environmental friendliness” of your company. Today, we assign the following labeling categories:





After passing the test, if your final scores are above the passing threshold, our specialists, based on your application, will visit your company, conduct an on-site eco-audit and issue a final rating. Your passing of the test does not constitute an official result. The official result is the final score, which is assigned on the basis of an eco-audit for eco-certification conducted by Green Alliance experts. Thank you for your efforts in promoting eco-certification!

When filling out the checklist, explanations are given next to the answers to help you choose the answer that suits you. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone: +996 777 107 417.

We guarantee anonymity and confidentiality of data!
After passing the questionnaire, our specialists will visit your company and issue a final rating on the spot using verification tools.

Green Alliance Team